Board of Management Meetings – Summary Report

A meeting of DSPNS Board of Management (BOM) was held on Monday 10th February 2020.
Items on the agenda included the Treasurer’s Report, Principal’s Report, Communications Report, Maintenance report, Voluntary Contributions report, and Buildings report. Specific items included:

1. The Board would like to thank parents / guardians for the voluntary contributions received to date and requests everyone check Aladdin for any outstanding payments such as class trips, music generation.
2. The Board has submitted planning permission to DLRCoCo.
3. The annual review of the Child Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Statement were completed and will be uploaded to the website.
4. 300+ schools nationally have engaged in the Kids Behind the Cuts campaign.

We are delighted to have planning application lodged. We do not want objections to our planning application. Let’s keep our children and our neighbours safe and happy by parking respectfully.