School is open for children 19 days as of today. We are very fortunate to have mainly healthy children and staff enabling us to get school routines established. We are most appreciative of families keeping children home and consulting with doctors as a means of keeping the virus from our school community.

Information on Class Routines

Teachers are preparing information packs for each class. We ask parents/guardians, if you have questions about class routines, please submit by email to by Thursday 24th September 2020. Teachers will address these questions in the information bundle.


We will send notifications to new parents/guardians regarding important policies through the Aladdin App. We need each family to read the policies and grant permission as requested. If you have any queries in relation to permissions, please do let us know. We want to facilitate open and transparent communications.

Board of Management changes

We are preparing for some members of our Board of Management to step down. Both Chairperson Ross and Treasurer Paula have committed several years public service on behalf of the school community. At DSPNS we aim to have a number of people available to take on the various Board of Management roles. We have volunteers available for Chairperson and Treasurer. We would be delighted to hear from people who may be able to commit time to communications, voluntary contributions, ethos, maintenance, enrolment or other roles. Read for further information here:

Travel survey

Did you get a chance to help your child complete the travel to school survey? Here is the link in case you missed it:

Completion of the survey will help get our building extension plan into action.

Pupil Insurance

You may have received notification about pupil insurance on Aladdin App. It is an optional payment. Many families have benefitted by having the costs of minor accidents covered by this insurance.

Pupil Insurance Option A:  School activities (including direct travel to and from such activities) – cost per child is €6.50

Option B:  24 hour cover 365 days a year for school activities, social, domestic and leisure activities (including school holidays) – cost per child €9.50