It doesn’t cost a ton to have some fun!

Order yours for only €3!!!

6th Class are taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme again this year and we are very excited to launch our product, the Do Something Product Jar. Do you often find yourself bored with nothing to do??? Then the Do Something Productive Jar is just the thing for you!!

Come see our showcase day on the last Friday of the month (28th Feb) in the Hall!

5 Great themes to Choose from

Community Jar ( great ideas to help your community)

Junior Jar (activities for the younger children)

Rainy Day Jar (never be bored on a wet day again)

Seasons Jar (an activity for every season)

Active Jar (activities to get you moving)

Place your order from 8:30-8:50 Friday in the hall or Monday 2nd March – Friday 6th March in 6th Class!

They only cost €3!