Teachers and SNAs are really looking forward to chatting with children this week via Zoom. Below is the timetable in case you missed it last week.

Tuesday 19thMay 2020 11:45 -12:15 6th; 12:30-13:00 Senior Infants

Wednesday 20thMay 2020 11:45 -12:15 2nd; 12:30-13:00 1st

Thursday 21stMay 2020 11:45 -12:15 5th; 12:30-13:00 Junior Infants

Friday 22ndMay 2020 11:45 -12:15 4th; 12:30-13:00 3rd

It is very important children understand how to behave during Zoom check-ins. If children start to walk about the house, they may be cut off from the chats. Recording, use of mobile phones or taking photos is not allowed. We aim to ensure every family has privacy and that all children and staff are safe online.

Parents/Guardians, have you signed the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy? You can do this by clicking into the Permissions page on Aladdin Connect. Permission must be granted if you child is to be admitted to class check-ins via Zoom.

Enjoy connecting with one another! If you’re not free for class check-ins, we hope you are keeping yourself safe and well, doing things that make you and your family happy.