Huge thanks to Mr Mannion and 6th class who organised a very inclusive Be a Good Sport Day. Much planning, practice and discussion led to a most enjoyable Sports Day.

It was wonderful to have time to chat with members of the school community and participate in the various activities.

The PTA shared their appreciation:

We wanted to pass on sincere thanks from the PTA and the parents for a wonderful morning on Thursday.  We have had great feedback following the event.

People noted how much the children enjoyed the morning and the races. It’s a credit to the staff on the immense organisation that went into it and the preparation of the children for all aspects of the event.

It was noted that 6th class were absolutely brilliant, spending a lot of time preparing for the event, managing the activities so well on the morning and treating the children with kindness. 

There was a lovely atmosphere and people said they really enjoyed being a part of the event. 

A huge thank you to all the wonderful staff for the lovely memories for both the children and parents.

We look forward to giving our wonderful 6th class a great graduation send off tomorrow morning.