Many of you are aware that the Board of Management (BoM) has an application submitted to DLRCoCo for an extension that would provide rooms for group learning instead of the current situation where children are located on corridors. The process is complicated due to site limitations. However, we can move one step closer to achieving appropriate learning spaces for children by completing a survey on how the school community gets to and from school.

Parents/Guardians, please complete this survey created by ORS in response to a request from DLRCoCo that the school provide an update Traffic Mobility Plan.

“We have prepared two surveys, one for issue among staff and one for issue to students. We haven’t requested any personal identifying information so these should be safe to send direct to students or parents. Your older students will be able to complete the survey themselves, but younger children will need a parent to help them, or to complete it on their behalf.” (Sarah, Civil/Structural Engineer)

We hope you find time to complete this survey through your Aladdin App over the weekend – and have a lovely (good weather?!) weekend!