We have lots of very happy children expanding their life experience and skills through playtime with Buddies. Sometimes it’s free play, sometimes it’s a structured activity. Lots of learning happens for the older and younger children particularly social skills – how to be empathetic, to listen to others, try to understand a different point of view. Thanks to teachers for collaborating and making it happen.

The focus on wellbeing has been a priority this year bearing in mind the disruption of Covid (which is still affecting us). We are very pleased with the findings of a Student Wellbeing Survey showing the majority of children are happy in school, taking exercise, enjoying learning. The survey findings (anonymous) will be shared next week with parents.

We are grateful to Ms O’Donohue for facilitating the Children’s School Lives survey yesterday in 1st class. Facilitator Ann commented on our ‘wonderful, bright school.’ We appreciate the steadfastness of DSP community members who practise and model empathy, tolerance, trust and hope – values that will help the community emerge strong, vibrant, connected and enthusiastic about children’s learning.