Happy first day in December!
Our focus for the month is Peace:
We will sit in stillness and reflect at least once a day.
We will work in harmony with others by sharing, taking turns and listening.
We will bring peace to others by smiling and being friendly to others.

Changemaker Students

We appreciate the wonderful effort many children make to create a friendly and caring atmosphere in our school by living the value of the month. Congratulations to the Changemekars of the Week!

Don’t be a fault finder. Be a Changemaker!

Brave New Vision Book

Dr Áine Hyland’s book gives a wonderful insight into how Dalkey School Project was set up and how Educate Together came into being. It’s a great seasonal gift for anyone interested in the history of the school. This is a book about heroes! Order through the school office or contact ahyland@ucc.ie Cost €20.00.