At 7:30pm on Wednesday next, everyone has the opportunity to hear about the achievements and challenges the school community faced in the school year 2018-2019. This is a chance for anyone thinking about volunteering to join the Board of Management (BoM) to learn about what’s involved. You can also hear about how school funds were spent.

The AGM is the time for electing parent representatives, one male and one female. Currently Paula Fagan, (treasurer) and Micheál Walsh, (premises/maintenance) are our elected parents. If people wish to nominate themselves or others, please submit names to the office with a nominator and a seconder by Friday 8th November 2019.

November 2019 is the time for all Boards to be dissolved nationally. If we have new members ready to join the BoM, we forward these names to the DSP Patron for approval. If there is no-one ready to step up yet, current members can be re-appointed. However, it is beneficial to the school to maintain a fresh and vibrant BoM and share the responsibility of running the school with new people.

DSPNS has successfully managed to have rolling membership on the BoM. This means that everyone on the Board has joined at different times. In the coming year, two members plan to step down. Please let us know if you or another parent would be a suitable BoM member. We welcome nominations from outside the parent body as Representatives of the Community. Do you know of someone who would work well on the BoM? Retired people often have a lot to offer.

Requirements for being a BoM member include an understanding of our inclusive ethos, an ability to work on behalf of others, an ability to listen, propose ideas and accept others ideas, work on behalf of the community. Specific skills beneficial to the smooth running of the BoM include an understanding of educational practice, accountancy skills, management skills, innovation and creativity, empathy and leadership.

A big thanks to the wonderful BoM members who have worked on behalf of the school over the past year and more:

Chairperson Ross McManus; Treasurer Paula Fagan; Voluntary Contributions and Communications Simon Boucher; Enrolment Jenny Adams; Buildings Micheal Lamb; Premises and Maintenance Micheál Walsh; Teacher Deborah Reynolds; Principal Miriam Hurley