Thanks to teacher Maryrose for applying for BLAST funding from Blackrock Education Centre we now have a colourful wall mural to cheer us up as we arrive at school. As with most school initiatives, it required a team to implement the plan. Huge thanks to caretaker Gary for preparing the wall (very old, with loads of holes and bumps) meticulously and painting the white undercoat.

Artist Susie Maloney works in many schools. She brainstormed with the children – 1st, 2nd & 3rd classes – to find a theme. As the Green School Committee is working towards a water flag, water was chosen. As the whole school is focused on wellbeing and mental health, it was agreed to paint items that made children feel happy – creatures, the natural world and food featured a lot in children’s suggestions.

Art is a wonderful way to express feelings and opinions. Thanks to Susie for spending time with us. Susie was very thrifty with the purchase of paints with the result we had paint left over. We decided to ask our talented Sixth class pupils to create a visual learning space on the inner wall of the stairs. Can you identify each creature hidden in a number?