We look forward to seeing people on Thursday. Please park respectfully: if you park opposite and beside an entrance, the homeowners may not be able to enter or leave their property.

6th class will be leaders for the day. We encourage everyone to support them in their leadership roles.

Don’t forget to bring €2.00 for our Down syndrome ice cream fundraiser!

Ways to help on Be a Good Sport Day:

Leave the finish lines clear. Stand at the side lines away from the end line.

Encourage your children to accept end line decisions even if they don’t agree with decisions.

Lead by example. Show children strategies for dealing with disappointments and disagreements.

Use kind comments. Let’s celebrate everyone’s ability. ‘Well done!’ ‘Keep going!’ ‘Fantastic effort!’  

As adults we should remember that all our children are individuals. Not all children enjoy sports and this day can be stressful for them. Let’s work together to make this day as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Be a Good Sport Day is a community event. Let’s keep our ethos in our hearts and minds throughout the day.