Yay the sun is shining!!!

6th class have been doing an amazing job with their Sports Stations! We’d like to say a special thank you to them for all the fun and enjoyment they have been bringing to all the children in DSP. Every class has had the opportunity to go outside, learn new skills, practice old ones and have fun with their friends.

Our wonderful 6th class children have been leading by example. They have been using their good judgement and empathy to help our younger children to deal with disappointment, encouraging them to have fun and compete with fairness and compassion for others.

They will have the opportunity to show us all these skills on Sports Day when they will help out on the end line for some of the races. As this can be a quite pressured position adults can help by showing encouragement and trusting in their ability to make decisions.

Thank you 6th class for being helping and leading.

Other ways you can help on Sports Day….

Leave the finish lines clear. Stand at the side lines away from the end line.

Encourage your children to accept end line decisions even if they don’t agree with decisions.

Lead by example. Show children strategies for dealing with disappointments and disagreements.

Use kind comments. Let’s celebrate everyone’s ability. ‘Well done!’ ‘Keep going!’ ‘Fantastic effort!’

As adults we should remember that all our children are individuals. Not all children enjoy sports and this day can be stressful for them. Let’s work together to make this day as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Be a Good Sport Day is a community event. Let’s keep our ethos in our hearts and minds throughout the day.