Are you passionate about DSPNS? Do you delight in your children’s enjoyment of the schools fun activities? Do you want to contribute to the school community but are unsure exactly how to make it happen or what’s involved? 

We are recruiting……
The PTA is currently seeking interest for the following roles: 
PTA CHAIRPERSONIf you are someone who likes people, is highly organised and a good co-ordinator and you can run one PTA meeting per month, then we are really interested in hearing from you. 
This role appeals to people who are good at co-ordinating activities and the great news this year, is that 80% of the delegation is already done! Yes, in a first of its kind move, volunteers have already signed up for most of the fundraising activities already this year ( which will significantly lighten the load for this role) PLUS we already have someone who has put themselves forward to help out by co-chairing so you will already have a CO-CHAIR and won’t be flying solo!

If the chairperson role is something you’ve considered in the past but were apprehensive in any way, believe us….there has never been a better time to go for it! 
PTA SECRETARYDo you like administration, enjoy being efficient, detail orientated, organised and part of a fun team within the school community? 
We are actively seeking someone who can give one evening a month to attend the PTA meeting and take and circulate minutes. The applicant will also be responsible for ensuring the correct contact details for committee members are updated on the group whatsapp group and may send out messages from time to time. 
We already have a volunteer in place for the remainder of 2019 and are simply looking for someone to help out from January onwards, so there will be an opportunity to learn the ropes in advance and no one will be thrown in the deep end. 
One final note just to say – these are volunteer roles – no one is expecting anyone to be perfect doing them – it’s about helping out and making a difference to our children’s school community, making new friends and having some fun. If you are curious to know more about these roles or are interested in volunteering in any capacity whatsoever, please contact your CLASS REP.
 If we all do a little, it goes a long way. 
Thanks to everyone who is already on board for working together, to give our children yet another fun filled year ahead!