It was lovely to hear children expressing their thanks to staff for the wonderful trip to the zoo the Infants classes enjoyed. Expressing gratitude fosters a sense of happiness for both the giver and receiver of the message. Thanks to parents who emailed their appreciation, putting a smile on people’s faces.

We appreciate the creativity of our Sixth class children who have impressed their teachers with how they come alive when debating. They chose their own topics such as Should there be a tax if families have more than two children? – more people = more pressure on the earth?

Some pupils published articles in the Dalkey Community Newsletter describing what they experienced and learned during Covid lockdown. They provide marvellous insights into different responses to the pandemic and how resilient children and families can be.

We are still waiting on application and information packs on home based summer provision due to be released by the DES on Monday 31st May 2021. We will let parents/guardians know as soon as we have updates.

Covid restrictions has made many of us aware of how we miss informal chats and cheery casual greetings. However we appreciate there are many positives to the enforced changes to routines. In addition to teaching and supporting children, staff are evaluating what changes are worth keeping for the next school year. Nurturing constructive communications is key to maintaining the friendly inclusive environment which makes us a Changemaker community. We will share updates as we make progress.

Wishing everyone a happy, safe weekend appreciating lots of fresh air and enjoyment of the outdoors. Happy June weekend!