I am grateful for the commitment from our school community to wellbeing and care of others in a time of crisis.

I am grateful for the daily contact with colleagues evaluating our curriculum and additional needs plans.
I am grateful for the sunshine and blue skies to cheer us up and invite us to explore nature.

Curriculum plans for the week of the 30th March 2020 will be emailed through Aladdin tomorrow at 10:00am. There is no obligation to complete the Learning Activities. Equally, children may want to complete over the weekend then agree with parents on their home schedule for next week.

Speaking of equal and equality… equality is a central tenet of our ethos. Our curriculum plans are designed to suit our school community with diverse family backgrounds, experiences, interests, needs and expectations. Hold strong to the messages that help you be true to yourself and enable you to take care of yourself and your family (and neighbours and relatives and…)

Remember – You are enough! You are doing enough for your family. You are intrinsically deserving of the love the universe gives you.