The dual enrolment process for enrolment in Junior Infants in Dalkey School Project NS – required by law due to changes to the Education Act – opens online 1st October 2020:. Full details can be found here:

Dual enrolment process is necessitated because of pre-existing enrolment lists. Applicants on this list will have priority over applicants applying online in the next three weeks – once they respond to Confirmation of Interest (COI) letters which will issue early November.

What should I do as a hopeful parent?
If you have already completed an application form for enrolment, expect to get a COI letter in November 2020. If you do not receive one, phone the office to let us know and we can check our records: 01-2857199.

If you are new to the area and wish to apply, complete the application form on the Admissions page: If you are applying for a place in Junior Infants, it is unlikely your child will get an offer. However, the pandemic has changed people’s circumstances so if you want a chance, submit an application.

Online applications for Senior Infants to Sixth classes remain open from 1st October 2020 to 25th June 2021: