We know we are going to make it through this worldwide pandemic because we are a resilient school community. We pull together in times of need. We help one another as we experience good days and bad days. As adults, we model acceptance of the fact that we do not have power over the world yet we do have power over our responses and feelings.

Remember some of the gems from the mental health panel discussion last term: What little act of kindness/selfishness did you do for yourself today as a parent? Be kind to yourself so that you can be kind to others. When we are kind to others, it adds to the meaning and purpose of our lives, and lifts us out of crisis induced anxiety and fatigue. Children can learn this in a very practical way by participating in GOAL’s Global Citizenship below. Thanks to parent Nina for giving us a preview of the programme that is launching today.

GOAL’s Global Citizenship

Covid-19 truly shows us that we live in a small and interconnected world. GOAL’s Global Citizenship team has been inspired by the kind of solidarity people across the world are demonstrating in response to this challenge. People are standing together with those who need protection and support the most.

GLOBAL SPARKS is a programme that is aimed at inspiring primary school children to imagine and act for a post-Covid 19 world, a world without climate change and poverty, where oceans, animals and people are healthy.

While we can’t deliver our workshops in classrooms, we are inviting primary school children to learn about the UN Global Goals through weekly activities.

We know you’ve lots on your minds, so we’re keeping this super easy.

Week 1 – Health and Wellbeing
This week, we are inviting you to take just one activity to learn about Global Goal 3. Check out the website for inspiring activities. https://www.goalglobal.org/globalsparks/ Rugby player Jenny Murphy is introducing the ‘Bear Crawl’ as a physical challenge, and our colleague Aislin is introducing a mindfulness exercise. Children are also invited to write thank you cards to health workers and to create awareness raising signs for your windows.

We hope you can join by:
Taking part – doing some activities of the week https://www.goalglobal.org/globalsparks/
Sharing your action on social media to inspire other small (and big!) changemakers using the hashtag #GlobalSparks
Join our Facebook community group;  https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalSparks where you can post videos & photos of your activities, make suggestions to the group and engage with other parents!

All the best,

Nina and the GC team!

Nina Sachau
Global Citizenship Manager