Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

Please read the updated Acceptable Use of Technology Policy. Pay particular attention to the ‘Distance Learning’ paragraph. We want to ensure benefits and risks are comprehensively assessed. We need whole school understanding and agreement to ensure safety of children and staff online if we are to extend use of online learning platforms. If you have any comments, please email:

Distance Learning

We want to reiterate that each family should engage in distance learning in the way that best suits their family. Some parents are choosing to set their own tasks; some children look forward to following teacher suggestions; some children are uploading work to Seesaw; some children are focusing on reading, singing and outdoor learning.

Our plan is to offer a blend of options so that we meet as many children’s learning needs as possible. We are aware that access to IT is variable. Many households sharing laptops or tablets between children and working adults. We encourage each family to make choices that enable them to deal with the continued school closure in as positive a manner as possible.

SeeSaw or Aladdin?

Teachers send learning activities every Friday through Aladdin. These activities are suggestions for the following week. Parents can use either Aladdin Connect app on their phone or access the learning activities through their emails.

SeeSaw is an online platform for children to upload their work. This work is only seen by the teacher, not by any other child/family. Teachers will give feedback to children through SeeSaw e.g. that was a great drawing; your project showed good planning and was very informative.

Parents/Guardians should continue to email queries through the office email: