On Friday we will celebrate the founders of our school by planting a tree. The tree will be a symbol of our whole community. The roots represent the founders who ensured inclusive education had a foundation. The trunk represents our school, steady and upright. It holds the branches which symbolise us, the many parts of our school community. It will be a symbol of pride and it will strongly represent our ethos which is firmly grounded in inclusive education.

Amazing things happen when people come together as we first experienced in DSP 40 years ago. It is time to come together again with the same capacity and energy to ensure our branches stay healthy. It is time for a further drive for inclusivity.

Friday also celebrates the launch of our campaign ‘Meet the Kids Behind the Cuts’. Under the current model children with additional needs do not receive the same school experience as their peers. They are being treated differently by the Department of Education and Skills. They are being left out. This is not our ethos. This is not how we do things. This is not what our founders and our community envisioned and it is not what we want.

If you choose DSP, you choose inclusivity – for all – not just the majority. Let’s do what our founders did 40 years ago – let’s come together so that all our children we will be equally cherished. Let us be the example for our children. Let them see us be the advocates of change!

You are all invited to the tree planting with the founders this Friday 25th October at 9:00am when we launch our ‘Meet the Kids behind the Cuts’. We look forward to celebrating with our supportive local representatives.