Do you have a favourite colour you like to wear? Next Monday we are having our final assembly for 6th class. We want everyone to wear a colour of the rainbow so that the hall is filled with colour in celebration of our wonderful 6th class.

After assembly we will go to the yard where we will find children wearing the same colour as us and enjoy a Rainbow Disco. We will pause the dancing to make a presentation to the Student Council in appreciation of their work in guiding the school to receiving an Amber Flag for mental health awareness.

We are sorry to report that our Pride Progression flag and flagpole were vandalised on Monday night. It is sad that people are afraid of symbols of love. In spite of this disappointment, we will continue with our inclusive messages and actions. We understand people can make mistakes and that they are often learning opportunities. We are proud to be a school that will fly the Amber flag, the Rainbow flag, the Green flag, the Irish flag. DSP is a school that has a strong tradition of learning together and living together appreciating our many diversities.