6th Class

Class of 2017-2018

Forest Fridays – what we will do to make the 9 weeks a good learning opportunity:




Science and Technology

We got cocktail sticks and plasticine. Then, Mr. Doohan asked us which shape was stronger; a cube or a tetrahedron. We made cubes and tetrahedrons from the materials to test it out. The next day, when we came into the classroom, most of the shapes were falling apart, so we found a way to make the shapes stronger. Some people got several sticks and stuck them into the plasticine to make the shapes stronger. Other people got some sticks and made ‘X’ beams inside the shapes to make them stronger. The result was that the tetrahedron was much stronger, because triangles are stronger than squares!

We worked on binocular vision and some of the questions we were answering were “What is our dominant eye?” and “How do our eyes work?”

We started of by rolling up two pieces of paper into long cylinders. We then looked across the table at our partners nose with one of the cylinders. Whichever eye we looked through was our dominant eye. We then looked through both cylinders at Mr.Doohan. Everyone eventually brought the two cylinders together to make one big picture, therefore proving that everyone had binocular vision.

We all chose a scientist each and had to write an essay on that scientist. Mr Doohan gave us a choice of scientists and people chose Galileo, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. We got information and highlighted the main points before we wrote the essays.

We had to write on;

  • early life
  • rise to prominence
  • later life
  • inventions
  • fun facts.


Green Schools

This year we are focusing on renewable energy. Last year we started using less electricity. For 2015-2016 we are paying attention to renewing and saving energy. Renewable energy is energy that comes from natural human resources such as the sun, rain, wind, tides and waves.

Last year we won our green flag for recycling and a prize for the smallest green space. We are turning off our classroom lights when we don’t need them on or when we go out to yard and we’re turning off the bathroom lights when no ones in them. We also do the small things like unplugging the laminators and the computers. We don’t have anything plugged in or on when we don’t need them to be. Our school is proud of our younger classes who are being very responsible and saving energy too!

In November, we are having a Action Day where everyone comes up with fun ways of preserving energy like walking, cycling, scooting or any way that ditches the car and gets you active. We are also turning off the lights and letting all the natural light in on bright days, going outside to do our work instead of being stuck inside in a stuffy class room with the heating on during nice days and and going the day without using the interactive whiteboard or using the normal whiteboard instead. Action Day will hopefully show everyone that saving energy can be fun and healthy.


What We’ve Learned

In maths we have been practicing our cubed and squared numbers. We have also been learning about angles and degrees. For example, an obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.

We also learned how to multiply with decimal points✖.There are four steps to this operation.

  • Step one: Write the operation
  • Step two: Forget the decimal for a moment
  • Step three: Multiply
  • Step four: Add a decimal to your answer.

Remember if there’s one decimal place in the question then there’s one decimal place in the answer.You would use multiplication with decimals when trying to find the total of a sum of money.

In English we got new novels in three different groups. These are the novels;

  • Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows and one Witch (Maybe) by Siobhán Parkinson
  • Going Solo by Roald Dahl
  • Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

The novels are great fun and we have written summaries and descriptions on the characters in them. Each Thursday we write down the summaries of our novels for homework and on Friday we get into our groups and talk about the novels, describing what we think about them.

We also learned procedural writing. We did procedural writing on pizzas as well as a topic of our choice. It was great fun and we know all the steps for it now! These are the things that you need in a piece of procedural writing;

  • Heading
  • Opening statement
  • Introduction
  • List of materials
  • Steps
  • Conclusion

For procedural writing you first have to write your introduction. Your introduction should have a explanatory piece of writing on what you are making. After you write your introduction you should write what you are going to need such as your ingredients or your materials. Next, you have to write your steps. To have a good piece of procedural writing you must have at least 8 steps. Finally you will need to write your conclusion. Now you know how to write an amazing piece of procedural writing!

In English we split into our table groups and set up different stations. You got 10 minutes per station to do your activity before going to the next station. One station was on Oral English where you each got a card and had to describe it without saying any of the words in the title. You also couldn’t say the words ‘like’, ‘you know’ or ‘whatever’. The second station was one where you had to write a piece in your best handwriting and guess what the grammar pattern was. Another station was one where you got 5 words and you had to write at least 4 other ‘upskilled’ words with the same meaning. On the last two stations you went on to the Story Cubes app on the iPads and had to make as many inventive stories as you could.

We were given copybooks with our own personal project inside, to work on when we finished our work.They were given to us so we could do research on the topic we were given. Here are some examples of the projects; The Romans, The Easter Rising, World War 1, World War 2, Animals, The Human Body, 1916 Rising and The Greeks.

In Irish we’ve learned loads of verbs that were one and two syllable verbs. It was quite a lot of fun to remember what each one was. We also played role play games based in a restaurant. Conor and Matthew H made the role play very funny. Everyone enjoyed their role play.

In drama we invented our own characters to do a play later in the year. We also made our own comic strips. Some were completely random while others were about our drama characters. Some of our characters were human, some were pigeon headed humans and some were Pokémon. We also made an island out of paper for our characters and we’ll be making homes out of boxes for our characters as well as making our characters out of clay. When we created the island everyone came up to the whiteboard and drew a line (approximately 28cm) which became part of the island. We then came up again and drew where we wanted to live on the island and explained a little bit about our character.

In the first term we started dance in school. We learn all sorts of new dances and do lots of stretches beforehand to avoid cramps or stitches. We listen to lots of different kinds of music and learn suitable dances to go with them.

In history, we made comic strips about schools in the past. We did a separate square for every important event in the history of education. We drew things like the Book of Kells, Vikings, Bardic schools, Brehon Law and Celtic schools. We worked on it over 3 weeks and the finished results were amazing.

News and Events

The extra curricular activities (ECAs) started in school. We are all enjoying having something to do after school besides homework. The activities include guitar, hockey, basketball, drama, art and crafts, chess, kung fu, dancing and swimming.

Recently we started a debate team with Mr. Doohan. Only some people wanted to join so we do it after school on Tuesdays. It’s really fun and challenging if you have to argue a side which you disagree with. We will need to practice lots as soon we will go against other schools. We are hoping to do well.

This year Mr. Mannion kindly said that he would enter 6th Class into a Gaelic football tournament and for the first time we had enough players to field a boys’ and a girls’ team! We do training in school on a Wednesday and the girls do matches from 3-4pm on that same day. Boys do it at the same time, but on Thursdays. We’ve done very well for learners. We first go into 4th Class to do our homework so that we get it out of the way. We have to be at the Thomastown fields by 3. We have to play all the teams in the tournament throughout the weeks and if we do well, we get into the semi finals. If you get into the finals and win, you get a cup for your school and your school name gets engraved onto the cup. Go DSP!!!

This year in hockey has been a blast. We had been playing on a Friday while the new pitch was being completed. On Monday 5/10/15 we played on the new Rathdown pitch.

Our coaches this year are Christina Simons, Jake Burns, Andrew Ramsey and David Cole.

After Halloween we played lots of matches with our girls A (6th class) and B (5th class) teams and the boys (mix of 5th and 6th class) and B teams. This year, for the first year ever, we will have a mixed boys and girls 11 a-side. We will all be entered into the Leinster girls/boys hockey league and the girls will try to keep their title.

The competition this year is fierce! However, everyone is scared of us, so we are hoping we have the skill and endurance to win.

But the most important thing is that everyone has fun, enjoys playing and is a good sport.

We had the Student Council Elections. Everyone was very excited and the school was full of colourful and posters with clever ideas written on them. It was an extremely tight competition and everyone deserved to be the class reps. In 1st class Martha and Author got elected while in 2nd Class it was Alfie and Hazel, in 3rd David and Abbie, in 4th Max and Jessica, in 5th Charlie and Jack and in 6th Sonny and Noah got it. Throughout the year they might do fundraisers to raise money and everyone can have fun.