Beach School

This week, we went on a scavenger hunt. The clues were difficult at times so we used books to help us. We then made our own creatures using what we found.


Cois Fharraige


Letter to Council

We have been doing a project on biodiversity for the past few months and have been coming up with ideas to improve Sallyglen for every living thing. Loads of work has been put into it by 5th class with the help of Jenny, Ms. Nea and parents from the school. One day we did a huge litter pickup and were appalled by the sheer amount of rubbish and dog faeces. We took action and concluded the project with letters to the council explaining the differences we want to see in the condition of the park that we play and learn in everyday. The project’s slogan was “Be the change you want to see.”

by Juno O’Flanagan






1916 Rising Tour


Sally Glen Clean up


Clay Art


World Book Day and Tree Planting



Valentines Breakfast



Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who helped 5th Class learn how to knit. We have had some excellent pieces of work as a result.


Newspaper Articles


5th Class created newspaper articles after watching an animated video of giraffes breaking into a swimming pool. They included all the features a newspaper article would have and put a lot of effort into laying it out on A3 paper.


Daily Mile Run

5th Class have been running every morning from 8.30. They do five laps of Sallyglen which is the distance of a mile. Running keeps us fit and helps us concentrate better throughout the day.

Young Entrepreneurs

Some of 5th Class got together to arrange a beautiful lunch for 5th Class to sample their menu. We had sushi, chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, passion fruit with cream, meringue and ginger cake. Well done to Elliott, Khadim, Benán, Reuben, Leon and Jack for all your hard work. We really enjoyed it!


Dalkey Castle



‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

Every Thursday for the next couple of weeks, we will be working on a special project-How can we improve Sally Glen area for us and for all living things? We started off by going out in groups to Sallyglen to notice and take photos of things we never noticed before. We came back together and talked about what we saw- litter, dog poo, an abandoned Christmas tree, graffiti and worm holes.

The next week, we watched video clips that showed projects made by children. They made amazing differences to their communities and we hope to do the same with Sallyglen!

After that, we created posters we would like to put around Sallyglen and made our visions of what we’d like Sallyglen to be in the future. We then discussed the probabilities of our ideas actually happening.




Friendship Keepers (Peer Mediation)

A lady called Michelle came to 5th Class to talk about relationship building. They learnt loads of fun games to play, watched some inspiring videos and had a go at repairing relationships by getting people to think about how to solve issues together. It was a really fun day and 5th Class are very excited to show their skills out in the yard .



Story Telling

5th Class have had the privilege of having two story tellers this year. Len came and told the children exciting adventurous stories that made us laugh.

Bat told us fictional stories with a bit of magic which had a historical and traditional touch to them. After listening to Bat’s stories, 5th Class had a workshop. They read a story numerous times to themselves and then had a go of telling their story to the class in groups. It was great fun and they showed great confidence!



Butlers Chocolate Factory

5th Class went on a trip to the Butlers Chocolate Factory in Coolock. When we arrived, we dressed in white tops and blue hats. We then watched a movie about chocolate. We were informed that chocolate dates back to the Aztecs which we were learning about in history.

After that, we got to see inside the factory and watch how the chocolate is made. They have pipes that come down from the ceiling that let out melted chocolate when the tap is turned on.

After looking around the chocolate museum and answering questions, we designed our own chocolate sculptures. We designed them with melted white chocolate and flakes. We packaged it up and got to take it home to eat.

It was a wonderful day!



Rinneamar cáca úll inné. Scríobhamar an t-oideas i nGaeilge. Bhí sé deacair ach bhí an cáca úll go hiontach!

Yesterday we made apple sponge. We were split into three groups of ten. First we gathered the ingredients and discussed the steps. Everybody got a job. As a team we peeled, chopped, mixed and poured until we finally made the perfect mixture. After it came out of the oven we demolished it with ice-cream! It was fabulicious!


Buddies Halloween Art


Our wheel barrow for the Dalkey Creates Festival

Pumpkin Carving


Maths: Division

This week we are learning about division during maths. We started started off with repeated subtraction and then moved on to the multiples method. Learning how to divide in different ways helps us understand the concept of division better. It is hard work but we love the challenge!

Halloween Paintings


We started off by choosing a colour to work with. We created different shades of the colour by adding white and black paint and then created a spooky moon effect. We then used black paint to create trees and fences over the colour. They turned out great!

Guided Reading


Every Tuesday, three groups of ten meet up for guided reading. We have a new task every week and do it for homework. At the beginning of every session, we read out and show our work. We then read some more of the book and analyse it. At the end of the session, we are set more chapters to read by our teacher and have new tasks to complete. The tasks include: summariser, illustrator, character profiler, discussion director, word finder, passage selector. The books we are reading at the moment are: ‘Amelia’, ‘Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban’ and ‘Four kids, three cats, two cows and one witch (Maybe).’ We really enjoy it!

Bead work: Dragon flies

We made dragon flies out of different coloured beads. Before we began, we planned and designed them. We chose colours that work well together and created patterns. Miss Nea showed us how to make the body and it became quite simple when we got the hang of it. However, it became difficult when we had to make the wings. We asked for help, supported one another and kept going! We were delighted with our finished pieces. After they were complete, we evaluated our own work and spotted similarities and differences with one another’s dragon flies.





Last week we all got partnered with our new buddies.

The first thing we did was go outside.

Then we all went over to the chalk board and drew some pictures.

Then we also played tag. It was a lot of fun!!! P.S. The buddies are very fast!

After that we went and played some hide and seek we all enjoyed it.

We also asked them about their owl hunt. They said they liked it.

Then before we knew it they had to go and eat their lunches

We all had great fun!

By Maleah and Laura

Varjak Paw


We are reading a class novel called Varjak Paw. It is about a young

kitten who goes on a fascinating journey to save his

family. He is a pure bred Mesopotamian Blue and is not used to the

world outside but soon makes friends and enjoys it.

We all really enjoy it and  and we can’t wait to finish it.

By Juliette and Pip.

Tag Rugby

For three Wednesdays, our class go out to play tag rugby. It is really good fun. The first game that we play is where we have to pull off each other’s tags. Last time we played it, Leon won the game. The class played another game and then we played in teams. The blue team won both games. The games were like a game of rugby but tags were involved. By Benán, Alex, Aidan, Alan


Literacy: Bradley Chalkers

In literacy we read a segment from a book called a boy in the girls bathroom, by Louis Sachar. The main character is Bradley Chalkers. He is a boy who had to go to the counselor’s office and she believed everything he said. She even believed him when he said that his parents only fed him dog food and that he was on the phone to the president! She asked him what they were talking about and he said hats. He also drew a picture with only a black crayon and he said it cost one dollar. She said she would pay but he said no and he put it in the bin beside his teacher’s desk. by Joe ,Paddy and Jack.

School Blog and ICT skills

The children got into groups to create paragraphs for our 5th Class blog. They then typed it up on iPads and emailed it to the teacher.



Rinneamar drámaíocht i nGaeilge. Bhí spraoi againn!

We did drama in Irish. We had fun!

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

After watching a video clip, listening to a piece of writing or observing a picture, the children come up with themes e.g. Happiness, sadness, jealousy, anger. They then work in groups to come up with a question based on one of those themes. The children then collectively choose a question that they are most interested in to discuss. Philosophy lessons give voices a value. Children have the comfort of speaking out without fear of getting an answer wrong. They learn how to value their views and the views of others. They learn how to think before they speak and give reasons for their answers. They learn to be respectful and negotiate. After each philosophy lesson, the children have a chance to write their views on our philosophy wall. Our last question was, ‘Why do some people feel more guilty than others?’

Paired work

5th Class have been working really well in pairs and groups. They have been learning lots of new Irish vocabulary through the use of dictionaries and by learning from one another.

Fáilte Rang a Cúig!

A big welcome to the new 5th Class. We have been having an excellent time so far. 5th Class lead their first assembly last Friday. Everyone worked in groups to summarise what we have been learning. They then nominated people to present during assembly. Well done to everyone!