Thanks to the PTA for organising a fun fundraiser to bring this school year to a close. Between now and 22nd June 2021, families are encouraged to get sponsors for committing to doing a walk/run/cycle. Payment has been set up on Aladdin Connect. Fundraising, like so many aspects of school events, has been challenged due to Covid restrictions. We really need to do our best to fill the deficit due to no Winter Market this year. Every contribution helps – a minimum of €5.00 has been set up. If anyone can manage to get sponsorship of €50.00, €100.00 or €500.00 (??!!), funds raised will be well spent on ensuring we can continue providing forest/beach/outdoor programmes and quality learning resources!

Our focus for the month of June is Appreciation for the Good Things in our lives. We are adapting a Camino Walk tradition of carrying a stone as if on a pilgrimage – for those families who are interested. Children can bring a stone on a walk/cycle/run and reflect on the good things they have experienced at DSP. They can write on or paint the stone to reflect their appreciation of DSP. It can be as simple as ‘happiness’, ‘friends’, ‘art’, ‘forest’, ‘teachers’, ‘PE’, a smiley face or leave it blank. All children are familiar with the Sit Spot element of forest/beach school. Perhaps the children can lead the family in a Sit Spot or reflection time to identify things different people in the family have enjoyed in the past school year, in spite of the pandemic challenges.

On Tuesday 22nd June children will lay the stones in the back garden to create a ‘rock garden’ of Appreciation. Don’t forget to take capture the moment – take a photo and send it to the PTA: