Welcome to 3rd Class

In 3rd Class we moved to the senior end of the school which is downstairs. We got a new teacher, her name is Ms. O’Connell. She’s very nice. We also have Debbie and Ms. Kennedy who worked with us in 2nd Class. So far I have loved 3rd Class


In science we learned about friction. Friction is when two atoms are rubbed together. To show how friction works we made Friction Bugs. A teacher called Aisling came in to make the Friction Bugs with us. It was lots of fun.

By Lilly


Since we’ve been back at school we have worked very hard on our ark, making dream catchers which are supposed to catch all the bad dreams. We made shields all about our family, friends, symbols and what we like. We put our shields up outside our door. It was fun making our dream catchers and shields. We worked very hard on them.


We also worked hard on our English. We have been reading Mr. Stink, making summer snapshots , writing recounts, colouring Roald Dahl quotes and lots lots more.

By Faye F


In Maths we learned 2,3,4 and 5 times tables. Tables like 2X7= 14, 3X6=18, 4X9=36 and 5X12=60. We also learned about place value, digital time, clock and addition. In place value we learned that there are hundreds (H), ten (T) and units (U). In digital time we learned that 5:00 is 5 O’Clock (big hand at 12, small hand at 5). In addition we learned sums such as 100+200-75=225


In Irish we learned a poem. This is the start of the poem:  Cád and céard can ask us what,  while cé ask us who and ná says do not.

By Mattia



In September this year we did lots of sport. It was fun. We played G.A.A with Barry. He is nice. We learned how to hand pass and kick the ball to other people. We played lots of games and matches at the end. We also did tag rugby. We did it with Mark who is from Leinster Rugby J Everyone played a game called Kings and Queens. We learned how to score a try and other basic skills. We had lots of fun J This year we did yoga. Our teacher is Claire and she is very nice. We did lots of poses including the tree and mountain. We did a sun dance. The class is split so one week half the class go to yoga,  the next week the other half go etc. We did dance with Caoimhe and Catherine. We learned a dance to It’s a Hard Knock Life from Annie. It was really fun.


One Friday in September 3rd class led assembly. The theme for September was Respect. We sang a song which was called Respect. We also recited a poem in Irish and told 4th, 5th and 6th class about what we have learned in 3rd class so far.

By Jamie B



Dún Laoghaire Bicentenary

2017 marks 200 years since the laying of the first stone that begun the work on the East Pier of Dún Laoghaire Harbour, and to honour the occasion, the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Company, in collaboration with dlr County Council, Faílte Ireland & Dún Laoghaire Town are hosting a series of events throughout the summer. On May 31st, we went to The Opening Ceremony at  Dún Laoghaire. This was officiated by The President Michael D Higgins. We went to see a time capsule being put into the ground.  We walked over. We left after big break at half one. It took is fourty minutes to get there. We went in the same pairs as we did for going to Honey Park. When we got there, we got pushed to the back. But then, when the speeches were about to start, they moved us up the front so we could see. President Michael D. Higgins came and gave a speech. After some other speeches by Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor and Cllr Cormac Devlin , they shot a cannon. They shot it three times. Finally it was time to place the Time Capsule in the ground. Last week we wrote a letter each which was placed in the capsule before it was buried. So in maybe 200 years time our letters might be dug up and read… that is pretty cool! After that, Nell presented Minister Mitchell O’Connor with a bunch of flowers. The Irish Defence Forces marked the event with a 21 Gun Salute. You couldn’t hear it but you could see the little puffs of smoke every time they shot their guns. The Air Corp also did a fly by. Then, we went to Teddy’s for ice-cream.




Honey Park

One particularly sunny Thursday, Miss. O’Connell (with Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Odongo) brought us for a huge treat to Honey Park! We walked all the way there from school in buddies. As soon as we got there, Miss. O’Connell let us run around and play as much as we wanted (but still had to be careful of younger children playing there as well). The whole class played together and after that we got a little bit of time to eat our lunch. We played for a few more minutes. Then finally, just as were leaving Miss. O’Connell surprised us by giving everyone an ice pop to eat on the way! We had lots of fun in Honey Park!


Passport Day

In term three, we had passport day! It happened on the twenty fourth of May. 3rd Class learned all about Borneo and Malaysia and created presentations and 3D models about our country. All our 3D models were set up at the back of the classroom so when you came in you could see them straight away. The food stall was set up in the right-hand corner at the top of the class. The rainforest was in front of the door, on the right-hand side of it. Some projects were lined up on the wall beside the door.

Senior infants came in to see our island first. We gave them a smaller quiz than everybody else, just to make it a bit easier for them. Then second class came to see us. They stayed around for a little longer than senior. Then we went to see junior infants. They were doing France,they were tiny French people.. We got paired up with one of the seniors. They taught us some French, and then we made bookmarks with them. Then we went to see 4th class. They were doing America. There were lots of raffles, and activities like that on. Then we went back to our class and sixth came in to visit us. We had a lot of fun on doing Borneo in 3rd class!



Easter Bonnets


The last week of school before Easter we made Easter bonnets at home with chicks, bunnies or Easter eggs on them. Then on the last day we wore them into school. Since there was a coffee morning, we paraded through the hall so the parents could see our hats. Then we sang ‘Count on Me’ by Buno Mars and we also sand the ‘Safe Traffic Code’.

Spring clean


During National Spring Clean week our whole school helped to clean up. 3rd Class cleaned up litter in Sally Glen. When it was time to do the Spring Clean, each table was assigned a part of Sally Glen to clean up. We then loaded the litter into big blue bags. We found all sorts of weird things like, dried up buckets of paint and glass. We collected around ten or eleven bags altogether. It was a lot if fun.

By Emma


Autism Awareness Month

April was Autism Awareness month and our class watched a video about a girl called Julia who has Autism. It showed us how people with Autism think differently. We made a jigsaw out of paper and we designed it in our table groups. The jigsaws were about helping a friend with Autism, things to remember, Autism awareness and what Autism is. By the end we had one big jigsaw. It looked great!

Kilboggert Park Mile Run

Our school have been doing a mile a day for the last couple of months. On April 26th we went to Kilboggert Park to do a mile run. There were lots of schools taking part through-out the day. It was all a big loop. At first, everyone got to the big astro pitch very fast. After that, people separated a bit. Once everyone finished the run we all had our lunch. Soon we were on our way back to school.

by Eoin





Book Week

In March it was Book Week . An author came in called Erika McCann and talked about her new book. She told us the story of how she got the idea to write the book and why/how she started writing. We did a book cover competition about our favourite book. We picked our favourite book and created a different cover. The book fair went on for two days. We looked at the books and could reserve it and buy it the next day. The last day of Book Week we could dress up as our favourite book character.




The theme in maths was symmetry and area this month. In symmetry we did mirror writing. We drew pictures by drawing half a picture and our partner would copy it and see if it was symmetrical. Area is sometimes used for measuring the surface of a label. By putting something like copies on it then counting how many copies it takes up, we find the area.

By Amelie R



In art we learned about Claude Monet. We learned a lot about him and his paintings. We did our own pictures that we a bit like Claude Monet. It was really fun because we made our own water lilies and stuck them on the picture.


As part of our homework we are reading Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpugo. To me it’s kinda boring and I don’t much like writing summaries. Michael Morpurgo books are very good books.

By Sean

Ms Conroy

Ms. Conroy has been our teacher for the past few weeks and we have been doing a lot of fun things. First, we have been doing a loop game of synonyms. Synonyms are bigger words with the same meaning like old-elderly and cold-freezing. Our record for the loop game is 1.33 seconds. The writing workshop is a thing that helps children become writers inside the classroom. We had to do an acrostic poem about ourselves. It was so much fun!

Science & Geography


Water is very precious and if you don’t know much about saving water, read our lovely explanation writing that knocks Ms. O’Connell’s socks off and yours! The water cycle goes like this; so first the sun gets really hot and makes drops of the sea rise up into the clouds. That is called evaporation. Then the clouds cool down and the drops come out onto the earth. Before it gets to our taps it goes to the water treatment plant and gets cleaned up there. Then it goes through the pipes and when we turn on the tap, water comes out. I enjoyed learning about the water cycle.

By Hazel Mc



Internet Safety Day

In February we learned about internet safety day. Here are some tips we learned

  • Do not talk to any strangers online.
  • If someone says something mean to you, tell an adult.
  • Don’t tell anyone your address.
  • If someone wants to meet up with you, ask an adult.



A few weeks ago, Ms. Ireland came in and gave us pancakes. They were very tasty! You had a few choices of toppings. There were marshmallows, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, sugar, lemon and syrup.

By Finn


Valentine’s Breakfast

Before midterm break, we had Valentine’s Day  Breakfast and could wear our pjs into school. We could also sit beside whoever we wanted. Thee were three options for breakfast; Cheerios, Rice Krispies and fruit in a bowl. To drink we had water and juice. A few parents came in to help us with the breakfast.


In Art we listened to music from Lala Land. Then afterwards we drew what we saw in our heads on a big sheet of paper. Then we painted  it with water colours. It wasn’t as easy as normal paint.


By Jack


Ethical Education

In E.E we made St Bridget’s crosses. They were easy for some people but some people found them a little tricky. While some people wee at yoga, half of the class drew Love posters for the hall (they looked really good altogether) . We also learned the rich history of St. Valentine. It was very interesting. Did you know St. Valentine used to marry people?



In History, Ms. O’Connell put on a quick video about the Vikings from Horrible Histories. It was very funny (we all got a good laugh)

 Thank-you for reading

Written by Alexandra


January 2017



In G.A.A we played some hurling and games. And of course we did play some matches too!

This year in yoga we learned new poses like shark and others. Usually at the end of every session, we get a story or a little treat if we have been good.

This year we have been doing a Mile A Day. We either run or walk 2 laps around Sally Glen and it usually takes 20 minutes.

By Ryan



In science we learned about electricity.  We learned about how it is made and what uses it. We did a project to make model lighthouses. Me and Laila were on one team and Theo and Finn were on the other. We did the project with Miss. Kennedy.


In January, we started to learn about the Vikings. We learned that they were not to be messed with! They were from Scandinavia and  when they were bored with England they turned to Ireland.


In maths we corrected our Christmas tests and we did long length, magnificent multiplication and deadly division. It was nice and sometimes easy, sometimes had but all things fun!

By Ben


In geography we have been learning about Clare. Clare is in the South West of Ireland. Up in the Burren, there are a few strange animals and some plants that don’t grow anywhere else. Our teacher, Miss. O’Connell is from Co. Clare. Clare is in the province of Munster. Ennis (a town in Clare) is the 4th largest town in Munster. As you can see, thee is quite a few facts about Clare that you probably didn’t know!


Last month, we were doing a bit of English. We weren’t just doing it at school. We were doing it at home as well. We were reading Fantastic Mr. Fox the book at home. We sometimes read two or three chapters and either wrote a summary or answered some questions that were printed out on a page. We were only allowed to do 25 minutes of writing. Both of them were okay and everyone finished it in a certain amount of time.


In January we did a lot of things. I will tell you about our happiness topic. We were learning about how to fill someone’s Happiness Bucket by being nice to somebody like saying to them “you’re a nice person”. Miss O’Connell also told us you can also dip into someone’s Happiness Bucket by being mean to them or saying “You’re so bossy”. Miss. O Connell asked us to write down seven wishes. Then we made Jinny Joes out of wool. Then we cut out a photo of ourselves in black and white. Then finally we put all of it on yellow paper and wrote in black marker ‘My Wishes for 2017’.

By Zinnia



December 2016


In English this month we have been working on our letters to the hosts that Miss O’Connell bought. We wrote a letter to say thank-you to whoever makes our Christmas special and then Tesco are going to post them for free to the people we wrote them to. We also wrote Christmas poems using our senses. We finished our Egyptian stories to knock Miss O’Connell’s socks off, I think it worked. We had to write five paragraphs, beginning, middle, dilemma, solution, and end. Then we had to go up a level by using WOW words.


The Same Maguire Cup came into our class. Once it came into the room, it filled with excitement. We all said, “Up the Dubs!” and Miss. O’Connell was the only one who said, “Up the Banner!”. We got our picture with it. It’s way awesome.

By HazelMc




In December we did a lot of maths. At the start of December we were focusing on decimals points. Here are some of the things that you can find decimals points on; radio signals, petrol, thermometer, price tags and speed. Later on in December we stated doing some work on money. We learned that you never, I repeat never, put a euro sign and a cent sign. For example €0.50c would be wrong and €0.50 would be right. And we can’t forget Ms. Kennedy who has been helping us through the weeks.

By Dillon


This month we did a lot of Christmas art. The first thing we made was wreaths. We wrapped green paper around a plate with a hole in it. Then we stuck on a bow like we did in Autumn. We painted and used pastels to make a Christmas scene. There were lots of options to choose from. Another thing we made was a drawing of an elf. Some people followed instructions of how to daw it. We made colourful backgrounds. We also drew snowmen in a little box. A fun thing we did was being given an outline of a snowman or candle and covering it with paper balls. The most recent thing we did was making poinsettias out of red paper. Then we put on gold glitter and a great leaf.

By Emma


November 2016

This month we learned a lot about Egypt in History. We did a project in a group of two. We had to write things about Egypt and it was sort of like a poster. And we also wrote our names in hieroglyphics.


On a Tuesday some people went to yoga and the other half did circle-time. We learned about feelings. The one we are learning about at the moment is love.

In English we did two genes. We did our weekly recount and a narrative story about Egypt. On Fridays, half the class went to Franco to do soccer and the other half did the recount. On Tuesdays, we did dance as a whole class. We are learned a dance to a song from the musical Greece.

dscf0186   dscf0164


In maths we learned multiplication, addition and subtraction. We did division for the first time. It was quite hard and fun. We also did decimals which is how you separate the whole number from the faction, for instance 1.5


October 2016

What an exciting and busy month we have had in 3rd class!! We have been learning all about the Stone Age in History, plants in Science, Autumn Art using pastels, feelings and emotions in SPHE, fractions and graphs in Maths, Aithris agus Bia as Gaeilge and we have published our English recount writing! We also had our first Whole school assembly and we sang the songs we have been practicing in choir each week with 4th class. Denise came to talk to 3rd and 4th class about her work in Syria,  in a refugee camp. It was very sad to see that children just like us have to live in small tents and have no toys. We are thinking of ways to help them and we will do more on this next month.


dscf0073   dscf0036

Our ‘Incredible’ wall is FULL this month as every piece of work we did was incredible… it was so hard to pick just one piece of work from each child.



There has been LOTS of Halloween fun in our classroom. We made origami bats and scary silhouettes for our windows. We also made Oíche Shamhna Féasta Mór posters and wrote poems about Halloween as Gaeilge.   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!





Grab a crab apple!


3rd class applesdscf0901

On Monday we picked apples with Miss Irene. We had to jump up and grab crab apples. Altogether we picked three bowls full. In school we read a novel called ‘Shadow’. The author is called Michael Morpugo  .We are finished the book and it’s about asylum seekers .On Fridays we play football with our football coach called Franco. We play matches  and after that we do training

By Ryan Dixon



In English we did our recount of a day when we went to a place like a zoo, Clara lara, a safari park or a football game. We also did the Butler’s chocolate composition. Another thing we did was write about what makes our school special and why we should got the money for the ‘Today F.M’ breakfast show. But our school didn’t win.

By Sara O’Flagherty



In Irish we learned about lots of things.  We did profiles about ourselves and our families. We also did an  Irish recount about our morning before and we put it in a couple of sentences and pictures. We also created a poster about ‘Oiche Shamhna’ and it was really fun.

By Nell Noone





For maths we learned about fractions.  We folded paper starting from 1 whole, then half, then 1 eight, then a sixteenth, then thirty two, then sixty four and we made a fraction wall. We also did super subtraction and I loved playing bingo with Miss. Miley. I did a lot of tens and units subtraction. We did time and a bit of fractions because they covered half of the clock for past and another half for to. We created bar charts  and we did our own ones in our copies  I’d say bar charts were my favourite, like making our own ones in our copies.

by Alfie


Stone Age History Project

My table did a project on the Stone age (Paeliothic, Mesolithic , Neolithic). The class was divided into groups. My group worked on the topic ‘Stone Age Tools & Weapons’.  The spear, club, bow and arrow, the rock, sharp stone and dog are all examples of Stone Age weapons and tools. They also used harpoons for fishing and frightened wild animals off of cliffs by screaming! (true!)

By Ben



We have had a great start to the year in 3rd class! The first thing we did was pick which table to sit at. Our table names are the six counties of Munster because Ms O’Connell is from Munster. She is from County Clare and always says ‘Up The Banner! We have a new S.N.A called Mr Odongo. He is from Uganda and he likes handstands but he needs to work on them.


Lots of people traveled to different parts of the world over the summer holidays and we had lots of fun hearing about them. We wrote recounts of our summer holidays and focused on getting our capital letters and full stops correct. It was really fun drawing our ‘Holiday Selfies’. We set up our class rules and so far, we have been sticking by them, Ms O’Connell is very happy with us!


In maths we revised our 2nd class work such as Place Value, Subtraction, Time and Addition. We also started doing a ‘countdown challenge’ it is hard but fun. This week we learned all about parallel lines and right angles. Ms O’Connell made up a ‘Right Angle’ song and dance which is very funny to watch!! Irish is really fun in 3rd class. We have learned all about Mé Féin agus An Aimsir. Some people won a homework pass for speaking so much Irish around the school.img_5325In History we interviewed our grandparents and parents about games they played in the past. It was very interesting because we still play some the games today! We also looked at games they played in Ancient Greece, Rome and Britain. In science we have been learning all about the bones and the lungs. We made really cool lung models and sang ‘Dem Bones’ song. September is the month of Harvest and we looked at all the different Harvest Festivals around the world.