We are having a great time in school at the moment with seasonal celebrations of all types taking place in our classrooms. The children and staff are very jolly and are busy spreading festive cheer!! We want to continue to do so right up to the Christmas holidays and to do this we need your help and empathy.

It is very important that you keep your child at home if they are unwell or are showing symptoms. Contact a GP as per HSPC guidelines and avail of their professional opinion. We have vulnerable children in our classes who need to be protected. It is imperative that we at all look after these children as best we can. Keeping your sick child at home helps them and the health and safety of others.

Our current isolation room is the hall which, when used, needs to be cleaned and ventilated for a period of time. This is a space which is used to provide movement breaks for children throughout the day. It also used for class activities which require large spaces.

If you feel your child is unwell in the morning, please keep them at home and follow the advice of the HSE and HSPC.
Lots of families are hoping to meet with older relatives over the holidays. If we all work together we can enjoy a safe and happy Christmas for ourselves and those we love.