Blog of sessions

Liz McMahon is keeping a session by session blog with photos on the following website.

15th September 2017

4th class

We are grateful:

  • That we go to Killiney Hill every Friday and we make dens and have sit spots
  • For coming here and having a good time
  • For having all this nature around us
  • What nice weather we have today
  • That we made dens and for our camp
  • For people looking after each other and keeping everyone safe and happy
  • That we can use nature for art and that it’s not just for looking at
  • That we’re so lucky to be with nature in this way
  • For having Jenny as a teacher
  • For all the stuff we’re allowed to do
  • For being up here with my class
  • For the peace and quiet and lovely company





Experiential, multi-sensory, active learning


During our sit spot we noticed:

  • Dogs barking
  • The sound of the wind
  • A magpie jumping from branch to branch
  • Birds singing
  • The alarm call of a magpie when a man threw the ball for the dog
  • Pink flowers near me
  • All the life around us and that we’re not the only thing alive here and that the birds were talking to each other and that everything else is living around us
  • People from beach school
  • A magpie eating things from a dead branch
  • Clouds moving extremely fast
  • The sea was incredibly calm and beautiful

6th class

Creating and problem solving

We quickly got down to making a den together.  This led to lots of discussion about inclusion and whether or not people could have their own ‘places’ inside and how to be fair about who gets in!  Together we came up with solutions that everyone agreed to.

Leave no trace 

We also had a big discussion about whether it was okay to leave banana skins or orange skins or apple cores behind us.  Lots of reasons why and why not.  We decided not to leave anything behind and even left the place better than how we found it by taking other people’s litter away and putting it in the bin.


One of us noticed that the inside of the stick we were using to help tell the story of the bundle of sticks was really spongy inside.  This led to lots of questions and observations and fascination.  We noticed that there was a green layer just inside the outer bark and that there were red strips on some of it and that you could push out the spongy bit inside and leave the stick hollow.  We then used a twig identification chart to try to figure out what tree it might have come from.  We think it was an elder which is the same tree that the elderberries that made our tea today came from.

Appreciation of beauty and nature, wide angle and close up

We are grateful:

  • that no one was arguing.  We all got on well
  • for the tea at the end which was really nice
  • for a relaxing time
  • for sitting in a sit spot
  • for making a base
  • for moving base
  • for time and space in nature
  • for having places like this in our area
  • for all of the things here
  • that we got to do den building
  • that everyone was included in different ways
  • listening to humming at the sit spot
  • a butterfly landing on my shoulder

4th class

Learning skills – The challenge of the morning activity is to be able to tie the knots with your eyes closed.

Observation – we noticed lots of interesting shapes like this heart shaped ivy leaf.

Playing – We played hiding games in our new base camp.

Relaxing – We hung out in trees.

Foraging – We collected some of the fruits of the forest.

Balancing – We challenged ourselves to balance and to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Noticing – we collected 40 shades of green

Creativity – we created 40 shades of green with watercolours

Gratitude – We are grateful for lots of things.

6th class

8th September 2017 – Pine base camp

Curiosity – we were fascinated by what might be living under here. We found tracks.

Working together – We worked hard together to create a den for our whole group.  Lots of good communication and figuring out of how to keep themselves, each other and nature safe doing this.

Creativity – We found forty shades of green in nature and then had a go at creating them ourselves.

Sit Spot I noticed:

  • The way the sea was moving, like the waves on the sea
  • The colours of the sea
  • The greenness of the view
  • The birds flying above
  • The sea was separated, some parts were green, some parts blue and the other white
  • The other group howling
  • The sound of the other people walking by
  • A bird hovering above the trees and being taken up by the air currents
  • That the tide was in
  • The waves moving
  • There were a load of spikey bushes

I’m grateful for:

  • Having a good group
  • To able to go to Killiney Hill
  • To be able to do forest school and to sit on the rocks
  • For building a den together
  • That everyone worked together rather than being separate
  • To spend time with you in the woods
  • Got to build a base
  • That we have a good group
  • Everybody got to work together to build the base
  • To spend time outside
  • The forest because I love trees